Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I'm Excited!

I'm giddy as hell! I was mentioned on the Atheist Experience blog, there are comments on here, and Philosophychick has taken time out of her vacation to post! This thing is barely 24 hours old and it has exploded.

I guess I'll have to write some shit now...


The Captain said...

That's where I found you so I thank them too.
I've enjoyed your posts so far and look forward to your future posts. I too was raised in the south and still live here in Alabama so I can identify with where you're coming from. My grandfathers were both preachers and I was indoctrinated at every step of my youth. Finally I freed myself and became an atheist.
Anyway, enjoying your blog so far, if you get a chance please check mine out which I just started too

Keep up the good work!

EdSG said...

Hey, they mentioned you girls on The Non-Prophets too!
That's how I got here :-)
Looking forward to read more of your thoughts!

Microbiologychick said...

The Non-Prophets too!? I just love those guys.