Monday, December 8, 2008

Atheist Christmas

I love Christmas. No, really, I LOVE Christmas. I put up my tree in mid-November, I’ve been listening to Christmas music longer than that, and I’ve been wearing Christmas pajamas, jewelry, and accessories since Black Friday. I knitted a scarf that is named the “Christmas threw up” scarf. I go all out for my absolute favorite holiday.

Some people who know of my atheism are surprised, and I really don’t know why. We all know that Christmas has pagan roots anyway, and it has been almost completely secularized in our culture. My Christmas tree (white with all candy cane ornaments), candy canes, Santa Claus, the Grinch, red and green, bells, etc… aren’t religious. The only decorations that acknowledge the Christian background of Christmas are the advent candles and the nativity scene and I do not have these in my home. Even if I did, celebrating the birth of a man named Jesus, who, if he existed, said some good things, does not equate to worshiping him as god. Even singing the most religious of carols is simply a cultural tradition. I do it because it feels good. Even Richard Dawkins likes Christmas, so I’m in good company.

In America, the vast majority of atheists do celebrate Christmas in a secular way, yet many I know still seem conflicted about it. They shouldn’t be. Christmas is one of the only good things to come out of Christianity, and just as they changed it from a pagan holiday, we can take it back to promote our values and enjoyment. As a very Christmasy atheist I celebrate a Christmas filled with the humanist values of family, love, and charity.

To everyone, Merry Christmas, Happy Solstice, and have fun!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Late Thanksgiving

It’s a little late, but here is what I am thankful for this year:

· I am thankful we live in a free country with rights guaranteed by the Constitution.

· I am thankful that I threw off the yoke of religion long ago.

· I am thankful that Obama won the election and That Bitch Sarah Fucking Palin lost.

· I am thankful to be doing productive research in grad school.

· I am thankful for my family, fundie though they may be.

· I am thankful for my friends, especially Philosophychick, the gecko, and the members of the ETSU Atheist and Freethought Club.

· I am thankful for my boyfriend.

· I am thankful for Matt Dillahunty, Russell Glasser, Denis Loubet, Shilling, Martin Wagner, Tracie Harris, Don Baker, Jen Peeples, and everyone else who make the Atheist Experience and the Non-Prophets the best atheist podcasts out there.

· I am thankful that the semester is almost over and Christmas is coming!