Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Post Outing

As some of you may have noticed, I restricted the blog for a time after my outing. This was due to my family finding my blog. They actually read all the posts before it was blocked, so it was ultimately unnecessary. I have reread my posts and have decided to let the blog stand. Most of their objections had nothing to do with what was actually written, but was about what they read into it.

Currently, relationships with my family are strained. I got through Easter with little comment, having had long conversations with various family members the previous day. They are very upset and disapproving, of course. I am sorry that they feel that way, but I do not apologize for being myself. While it was hard to deal with their feelings, I am relieved to not be living a lie anymore. While I was not pleased about the timing or the method by which I was outed, I believe it may have been for the greater good. As I matured, I was drifting away from my family anyway, and I feel this forced my hand to become a truly independent adult.

So for the time being, the blog will be open and posts will continue when I have time to do them. There will not be many posts about family issues because they know about the blog now.

Thanks, loyal readers, for sticking around and supporting me through this!